WE BROKE 10000!

Thanks to the people that actually take the time to read my posts! I never would've believed that I would even get this far. (Even if most of them were me!)



Only things like this happen to Whovians. But it came at a good time because it helped me sleep through a thunderstorm because I never heard it until the next day. This dream is special because I can still remember parts like I was actually in this dream. It wasn't a lucid dream, as I had no control over any of it.
-----It has this certain vibe to it that is very creepy. It started out in a building. More like a building with a train station type interior. I rode in a very small elevator to the top floor. As I stepped out all of the David Tennant Doctor companions stood in front. Rose had a few different versions. Like from different dimension type of thing. I some how end up throwing a fire ball or shoot something at one of the rose incarnations and she screams and falls to the ground. At this point I feel like Donna for some reason.
     I start crying and sit down on ground, saying in tears, "I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to."
     Then the burry image of the Doctor (Tennant) comes running towards me and gives me a hug. LIKE THE MOST PERFECT HUG EVER. I still remember how it felt in the dream. It's hard to explain but it makes me happy. It felt like the hug from someone I loved. WEIRD HA.
     But then they all met up in a room off to the side. My dad had shown up somewhere in the mix. I had to leave, but my dad showed up first out of the room and said he had known the right Doctor so he was freed. Hm.
-----But this was probably my first real Doctor Who dream that I can remember, and it was a good one.


GIF Challenge

Saw this on Tumblr and thought to try it out here before I did it there. It would just make it easier. BUT WECNO here we go.

The 1st gif in your folder is how you feel right now:
Im actually pretty happy...hm.

The 7th gif in your folder is how you felt this morning:

The 30th gif in your folder is how you will feel 10 minutes from now:

The 25th gif in your folder is how you will be 10 days from now:
Well then. I knew this would happen. 

The 12th gif in your folder is how you will live 10 years from now:

The 3rd gif in your folder is how the same sex sees you:
How do you interpret this one? 

The 20th gif in your folder is how the opposite sex sees you:

The 2nd gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:

The 10th gif in your folder is how your children will act:

The 15th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:

The 21st gif in your folder is how you act in school:

The 13th gif in your folder is how you will feel at your wedding:


Love is Almost in the Air

So today is February 2nd! I am so excited for this month because - actually nothing is happening. So we all know that valentines day in in 12 days! That is surely not enough time to plan for my valentines. I am taking a random amount of valentines and using a binder ring to keep them together and hand them out in piles. They will kind of be personalized. Kind of.
     As you can tell, I have really gotten into Assassins Creed 3 Multiplayer. It is really fun to play with friends. I tried playing by myself one time with strangers and I always ended up in either Assassinate or Wanted. Only a few times did I play Death Match and even then it would only be a minute and then it would end. I did get 4th once for only playing a few minutes. I am successful. I have now won twice. I am getting really good at it. I play a lot on the weekend with Trevor. So the moral of this story is to play Assassins Creed 3, single or multiplayer. Thank you my children.



Today is the wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have been studying Martin Luther King since 2nd grade. He was a very important person.
     On the other hand I did almost nothing this weekend. I literately just sat around all day and played video games. On Sunday my mom helped me move the PS3 into my room and for the last 2 days I have been playing a lot of Ratchet and Clank. I really love playing that game because it is easy enough for even me to play. Of coarse I play Assassin's Creed so I must have some talent. Let's just say that I've played the first 4 levels of Ratchet and Clank so many times that I can remember what everything looks like. The very first level when it's just Ratchet is in my head. I can imagine it. I know every turn and where every box is placed. Just today I have made it past those first 4 worlds and have moved on to the hover board races. I have never made it that far! I am SO happy. I had a little help from my mom.
     I also played some Burnout paradise. I did accomplish a few things. I accidentally started a Stunt Run while trying to figure out how to do a donut. (I think that is what it's called.) Anyway, I got about 5,000 points over the goal. I did pretty well. Then I did an epic job of taking down the new car. It was the first car I had gotten in a long time since usually I just drive around like a normal person in that game. I go sight seeing!
     Last but not least, I have completed the game, Journey. It was very interesting and it was SO much fun. I got a trophy for continuing my game after being gone for a week! I could tell that the first person I played with was VERY annoyed by me. Everyone else played with me and stayed together. I made sure I stayed together with people. Other than that one time when I accidentally went 100% backwards to the beginning of the section. I did get attacked a few times, but I did witness an attack on my buddy. The sand in that game is SO beautiful! That game is worth the money.
     Tomorrow is school again and I can't wait to see everyone again because 3 day weekends are boring for me because my friend is sick and I never got a hold of the other two that crossed my mind. Happy late birthday to Zayn Malik and Tom Baker! Have a happy MLK day and eat some mustache cookies! Plus when you get bored just admire Matt Smith's sexy face and epic hair!